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The ATI-erc gGmbH (Agency for Technology Transfer and Furtherance of Innovations, through education, research and furtherance of cooperation) is a subsidiary of the regional development agency in West Mecklenburg (Germany). The company was founded to realise European projects and to professionalise and promote technology transfer between the R&D at the Universities and business as well as support business start-ups and entrepreneurs. Therefore the institute focuses on promotion of education, research and cooperation at European and international levels. The institute hosts and implements scientific events, training programs, research projects and projects to further Euro¬pean and international cooperation. ATI erc supports companies interested in innovative international business.

Within the Interreg IVb-project “Baltic Biogas Bus” , ATI erc has contributed with several feasibility and expert studies, the organization of two seminars in St. Petersburg to discuss biogas as transport fuel in Russia as well as disseminating the core messages of the project in north¬ern Germany.

Along with its relevant experiences and competences, ATI erc is a member of the German Association for Technology Transfer and Innovation (DTI – Deutscher Verband für Technologietransfer und Innovation) and Managing Director of ATI erc - Ms. Steffi Groth is the Chairman of this Association since 2008. German Association for Technology Transfer and Innovation has 42 members – that are regional umbrella organizations and cluster centres of regional networks of technology-oriented companies all over Germany.

In the MarTech LNG-project ATI erc is leader for WP 5.