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Maritime Development Center of Europe (MDCE)

Maritime Development Center of Europe (MDCE) is the national Danish maritime cluster- and network organization working towards strengthening the Danish maritime sector and providing maritime businesses with new and unique business opportunities. Our approach is based upon knowledge sharing amongst our members through B2B, B2C and business to university. MDCE facilitates and support innovation and the establishment of new maritime projects through the exchange of unique ideas, research, best practice and knowledge. MDCE is a neutral non-political member organization with a purpose of contributing to the competitiveness of the Danish maritime business enterprises – the members. MDCE is a member of The European Network of Maritime Clusters; The European Shortsea Network and The Maritime Innovative Territories International Network

· Located in Copenhagen Denmark but with regional contact points across the country

· Activities on a national as well as international basis

· Established in 1999 as a cluster and “valley” inspired maritime organization