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Poland: The First LNG filling station for HD trucks


On 10 December, PGK Śrem officially opened LNG/CNG station for public access. This object is dedicated for refuelling NGV fleet of garbage trucks and is the first of this kind not only in Poland, but also in Central Europe. Station is situated next to the regional road, linking cities Srem and Zaniemysl. With efficient design and convenient access for trucks, station is ready to fast LNG or CNG refuel to all NGVs customers. General constructor of the station and LNG supplier is Cryogas M&T Poland.
The official opening ceremony was attended by politics, representatives of transport companies and mass media. After short introduction to NGVs and LNG/CNG station project by PGK Srem CEO – Mr. Pawel Wojna, visitors had priceless opportunity to be involved how looks fast LNG and CNG refueling to commercial vehicles powered by natural gas.

Construction of LNG/CNG station and fleet transformation from Diesel to NGVs is a long term strategy of PGK Śrem. The main strategy’s targets are exhaust gases reduction, cutting fuel cost and increasing of services quality. To implement project PGK Śrem chose branch of NGVs offered by Iveco. Today company possess 2 Iveco Daily CNG, 2 Iveco Eurocargo CNG, 2 Iveco Stralis CNG and 1 Iveco Stralis LNG. New vehicles powered by natural gas will be delivered next year.

The key for the success was a complex solution for refueling equipment and natural gas deliveries. Both services are secured by Cryogas M&T Poland, which constructed complete LNG/CNG refueling system in 9 months. Cryogas will also deliver LNG to the station by own fleet of road semi-trailers. Thanks to attractive price index, PGK Srem has a profit guarantee of transformation to NGVs. Installed equipment is modern design, complied to the newest cryogenic standards. This makes possible the self-service refuelling and avoids ‘boil of gas’.

LNG / CNG station in Srem - general characteristics
- Station is situated next to the local landfill in Mateuszewo. Access to the station is possible directly from the regional road no. 432, which is linking Srem and Zaniemysl.
- GPS coordinates of the station - 52.1337415°N, 17.1043008°E
- Contact phone: tel. 0048 61 28 28 241 (Mr. Marcin Celka)
- Station is available 24h a day after signing a contract.
- Station is in public access for all customers from Monday to Friday between 7:00 - 15:00.
- Station is equipped in single LNG dispenser with JC Carter nozzle and two-side CNG dispenser with NGV-1 nozzles.
- Construction of the LNG/CNG station took 9 months. In this time, Cryogas M&T Poland obtained a construction permit, designed & set whole equipment and obtained all necessary licenses for starting supply of natural gas in the open access mode.
- Infrastructure is designed to refuel commercial NGV powered by LNG or CNG in few minutes.
- Payments for fuel may be settled in cash or credit card.

- Current conditions of LNG / CNG refuelling and fuel prices might be found on the official website of the PGK Srem - www.pgk.srem.pl
PGK Srem [Przedsiebiorstwo Gospodarki Komunalnej w Sremie Sp. z o.o.]

PGK Srem is a modern public company which provides high quality municipal services. The main activity of PGK Srem is municipal waste disposal from household and companies placed in the south part of Poznan Aglomeration – municipalities of Srem, Dolsk, Ksiaz Wielkopolski, Brodnica, Zaniemyśl and Kornik.
PGK Srem operates also at City of Srem green areas maintenance, streets and squares cleaning and road vehicles service. Company manages regional disposal point next to the city of Srem, where LNG/CNG station is located.
Company has an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management complied with the requirements of EN ISO 9001: 2008 and EN ISO 14001: 2004.

Cryogas M&T Poland
Cryogas is a renowned supplier of natural gas with many years of experience on the LNG market. Company offers wholesale supplies of LNG for vehicles refuelling, distributors and end consumers with LNG stations throughout Poland. Cryogas offer is dedicated to companies seeking to use LNG for their technological processes, production of heat and electricity and as vehicle fuel. As a supplier of LNG, Cryogas offers innovative solutions in the scope of investments related to the construction and operation of power installations. Cryogas team of highly skilled experts is at Customers disposal and may assist in all matters related to construction of LNG/CNG refuelling stations, regasification and supply facilities.
Source: PGK Srem and Cryogas M&T Poland
For more details, please contact with:
Cryogas M&T Poland Karol Wieczorek Mob. 0048 720 800 392 E-mail: k.wieczorek@cryogas.pl Web: http://www.cryogas.pl/en
PGK w Śremie Sp. z o.o. Paweł Wojna Mob. 0048 785 925 313 E-mail : p.wojna@pgk.srem.pl Web: http://www.pgk.srem.pl