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Maritime LNG seminar Port of Helsingborg, Sweden, April 28

 Dear Participant,

You are cordially invited to attend a seminar on Maritime LNG, which is based on the results and expertise gained form the MarTech LNG project (www.golng.eu).  The seminar is held to help share knowledge and information on the current trends and opportunities with LNG in the Maritime sector (with special focus in the Baltic region).
In addition to the bunkering of vessels at ports, the seminar will help explain to the attendees the use and opportunities of LNG as a fuel for different transport modes. Almost all modes of transport, except air transport, can be found in working in ports. Hence, we ask: “if LNG is stored for vessels why don't use it as a fuel for vehicles which servicing ports?”  Some of the most compelling reason for considering LNG for ports and communities neat to ports are: reduction of harmful emissions, lower energy costs, higher utilization of equipment.  Many solutions are achievable by using cleaner source of energy, which is LNG for ports and port communities.
If interested – please contact :
                                                                          Dr. Lawrence Henesey,
                                                                          Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden
                                                                          LHE@BTH.SE   or +46 706 009809
Please see the updated agenda below and some practical information.
LNG Seminar in Helsingborg April 28